Mar 24, 2016



AquaKlear's headworks combines filtration, flushing & flow metering into a single preassembled unit


Our headworks includes a filter, flow meter, solenoid & several valves

AquaKlear's headworks manifold is a feature packed preassembled unit
AquaKlear's 24"D headworks manifold
It is installed between the pump tank & the dispersal field, most commonly a subsurface drip field

Netafim Disc Filter operation
How it works: Netafim disc filter
Grooves in the disc "rings" criss-cross forming a network that collects debris between & on the outside of the discs

As treated water is pumped into the filter, pressure increases & the rings compress.

The water is forced through the ring grooves where debris is trapped, sending only CLEAN WATER to the drip field dispersal area

Before entering the dripfield, the filtered water passes through a flow meter that measures the quantity of water passing through the system

Our electronically activated solenoid valve is installed on the dripfield return line & automatically backflushes debris from the drip system

Our sophisticated headworks also features several valves:

  • Air Relief Valves - allow air to escape from the pipes to prevent dirt from being sucked into the dripfield emitters - they also include a schrader valve to check water pressure when the pump is on
  • Sample Valve - allows technicians to easily collect water samples
  • Throttle Valve - allows technicians to easily adjust the volume of water passing into the dripfield

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