May 19, 2020


Your AquaKlear system is an advanced wastewater treatment system that has mechanical parts including a blower, control panel and an optional water pump

Regular service & maintenance & following these tips will help to avoid malfunction, failure, & costly repairs

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May 18, 2020


Subsurface drip dispersal is a highly efficient method of dispersing wastewater effluent into the soil and presents designers with a superior solution for virtually every soil type


The main advantages of using a subsurface drip system for effluent dispersal are:

  • Treated effluent can safely be reused for site irrigation
  • Can be used under difficult circumstances of high water tables, tight soils, rocky terrain, steep slopes, around existing buildings, trees or other vegetation, and on windy sites
  • Disposal of treated water is maximized by means of evapotranspiration
  • Shallow installation minimizes deep percolation
  • Non intrusive, allowing use of the space while operating
  • Consumption of nitrates by plant material is increased
  • Human and animal contact with effluent is minimized, reducing health risks
  • The system requires no gravel. It is easy to install directly into indigenous soils and the natural landscape can be maintained
  • Correctly designed systems will not cause puddling or runoff

Apr 17, 2020


Our first residential project on Oahu's North Shore has been completed

This oceanfront home is getting a major remodel and a brand new septic system with an AquaKlear wastewater treatment system

The small, existing home uses a cesspool which required a septic system upgrade in order to remodel the house

The designer chose AquaKlear's reliable and affordable treatment and specified our largest residential system - AK10S245F - with Nitrogen Reduction for an environmentally friendly cesspool upgrade that will protect Hawaii's oceans and reefs

The system uses gravity dispersal, passing through a Salcor ultraviolet disinfection light, to a 360 square foot pipe and gravel dispersal field

  • cesspool upgrade
  • 5 bedroom oceanfront home
  • 1000 gal/day treatment, with Nitrogen Reduction (AK10S245F)
  • Salcor ultraviolet disinfection
  • 360 sf pipe and gravel dispersal field

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Apr 14, 2020

AquaKlear treatment systems are currently being tested and evaluated for certification under NSF/ANSI's Standard 350 - water reuse treatment systems

Louisiana: AquaKlear systems now in performance testing for water reuse treatment standard NSF/ANSI Standard 350


Standard 350 requires significant reduction of chemical & biological contaminants in treated wastewater so the water can be reused for non-potable purposes:


  • restricted indoor use, including toilet/urinal flushing
  • unrestricted outdoor use, including subsurface lawn irrigation, decorative fountains, car washing and more!

These American National Standards help in evaluating and approving water reuse treatment technologies... like AquaKlear!

AquaKlear is proud to demonstrate the performance and reliability of their advanced wastewater technology as we continue to invest in independent validation of our system's performance by a respected third-party organization, Gulf Coast Testing LLC

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Mar 25, 2020

THE UNFLUSHABLES - if you're out of toilet paper, it may be tempting...

What Can Go Down My Toilet?


NEVER flush anything that could clog or damage your pipes, your septic system or the municipal infrastructure

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Jan 17, 2020


The County of Los Angeles' LAMP, effective November 2018, implements alternate standards for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) that are protective of groundwater and public health

When properly sited, designed, operated and maintained, OWTS treat domestic wastewater to reduce its polluting impact on the environment

AquaKlear treatment systems allow owners more flexibility in the development and expansion of their homes

Link to County of Los Angeles Local Area Management Plan (LAMP)

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