Nov 9, 2017


Salcor UV Disinfection

Salcor's "3G Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit" is specifically designed to disinfect treated effluent from small aerobic treatment plants like AquaKlear

Features & Benefits

• Quick Installation
• Energy Efficient
• Gravity Flows up to 6 gpm
• Enables Safe Water Reuse
• Residential & Commercial Use
• Teflon Film Resists Fouling
• Easy Annual Maintenance
• Superior Pathogen "Kill"
• Two Year Warranty
• Electronic Performance Monitoring

JUST $599 from Better Than Septic

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Nov 7, 2017


Fast facts about AquaKlear

AquaKlear transforms sewage water into clean recycled water that is used for site irrigation (CLICK FOR VIDEO)

A family of four with an AquaKlear system can save more than 100,000 gallons of irrigation water each year - Use Your Water Twice®

AquaKlear uses no internal moving parts, making installation & maintenance fast & easy

AquaKlear provides years of trouble-free & reliable treatment even under stress loads

AquaKlear can help you build, renovate & solve problems® without breaking the bank

AquaKlear protects the health of your family, your community & the environment


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