Jan 12, 2018


Even with the best care & usage, an AquaKlear alarm can happen any time for any reason

Every AquaKlear system has an alarm that sounds & illuminates when there's a problem... here's what to do when an alarm occurs:

  • DON'T PANIC - it's usually not an emergency - your state-of-the-art AquaKlear controller operates & monitors your entire system & is designed to alert you when there is a problem

  • SILENCE THE ALARM - if you hear the alarm sounding, move the toggle switch (on the right hand side of the controller) to "MUTE"

  • TRY TO IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM - see common reasons below

  • CONTACT US - ☎️ call (844) 224-2782 - many times our technicians can help you troubleshoot over the phone


  1. Tripped circuit breaker: check inside your controller to verify that all circuit breakers are ON.
  2. Aeration problem:
    • Is your blower on? AquaKlear's blower has an internal diaphragm baffle that can break due to age or environmental conditions - WE CARRY REPAIR KITS!
    • Are the connections secure? Check the connections to your blower to make sure they're not disconnected, kinked or damaged.
  3. High water level:
    1. Was power recently OUT? It can take up to 12 hours for your AquaKlear system to recover from an extended power outage.
    2. Was there a recent water surge? A leaky fixture or bid discharge from a tub can cause a water surge. Allow up to 12 hours for your AquaKlear system to recover. 
    3. When was the last time your system was serviced? Your filter may be clogged, preventing water from discharging to your field.
    4. Is it raining, or has it recently rained? Ground or stormwater may be infiltrating your system, especially around the covers & pipes that have settled over time - be sure to direct all stormwater AWAY from your tank!
    5. Is your water pump working? Just like any mechanical part, eventually the pump's motor or impellers will fail, but it is convenient to access, inspect & replace.
  4. Sensor issue: a mechanical float may have failed, but they are convenient to access, inspect & replace.

If your system is still alarming after 24 hours, contact us at (844) 224-2782

Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem & hope it goes away!

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