Jul 30, 2015


These days, it seems like purple pipe (and purple hydrants) is everywhere! 

We know it has to do with water... but what does it mean, and why purple?

Purple Pipes = Reclaimed Water

Purple pipe means reclaimed/recycled water www.BetterThanSeptic.com
When you see purple pipes and hydrants, it indicates highly treated wastewater that is being reused for non-potable water applications.

This reclaimed water is commonly used for agriculture and landscape irrigation and also for industrial purposes including cooling towers, fire suppression and high tech uses.

Why Purple?

"Across the United States, contractors, surveyors and utility providers use color coded flags, markers and pipes to quickly and safely identify their purpose" says Jacqueline Sommers.

Blue is for potable water and green is for sewer. 
Yellow indicates natural gas or oil (or something else that may be flammable). 
Orange is for telecommunications, red is for power lines. 
And white is for marking proposed excavations.

In the early 1980's purple was chosen for reclaimed water by engineers at the Irvine Ranch Water District because the color wasn't already spoken for and it was distinguishing enough to a severely color blind engineer.

Today, wherever reclaimed and recycled water is used, purple pipe (aka "Irvine Purple") is used.

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