May 18, 2020


Subsurface drip dispersal is a highly efficient method of dispersing wastewater effluent into the soil and presents designers with a superior solution for virtually every soil type


The main advantages of using a subsurface drip system for effluent dispersal are:

  • Treated effluent can safely be reused for site irrigation
  • Can be used under difficult circumstances of high water tables, tight soils, rocky terrain, steep slopes, around existing buildings, trees or other vegetation, and on windy sites
  • Disposal of treated water is maximized by means of evapotranspiration
  • Shallow installation minimizes deep percolation
  • Non intrusive, allowing use of the space while operating
  • Consumption of nitrates by plant material is increased
  • Human and animal contact with effluent is minimized, reducing health risks
  • The system requires no gravel. It is easy to install directly into indigenous soils and the natural landscape can be maintained
  • Correctly designed systems will not cause puddling or runoff

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